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just too emo.'s Journal

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25th November 2008

kaaronk3:07pm: Fall Out Boy Concert!
ANY FOB FANS here???

This is really cool so I figured I'd share the good news...so Fuse TV is airing a concert of FOB performing all of Folie A Deux on Dec. 16th when the new album comes out!! There's a video of the guys talking about the TV special when you click this widget:

12th November 2008

drjokerx2:48am: Malice Alice
  Hey can I get some opinions on my emo webcomic? It's at http://calamity-outfitters.weebly.com/ 

22nd September 2008

xscene_laura12:59am: hi im incredibaly new
to this community
i cry a lot at times
i feel like im dying ect
anyone want to talk
? friend me bbbys

1st September 2008

vampyre_girl133:16pm: why do i feel like ripping open my chest and pulling out my heart?? i want to die and i want it now but i just can't do it.

19th August 2008

vampyre_girl1312:46pm:  god i just want to fucking die. i hate my life. i'm deseiving my parents, i hade to change were i cut, so no one would find out i still do, i've been drawing abnormally long theses past few days, and i start school next monday, whats good about that is i don't have to wear shorts in gym, other wise people would see my cuts. i swiched to my thighs and my anckel, which is were i 'wrote' cut just deep enough that it bled a little. i need help, or just some one to talk to.

                         -LovE jAde
Current Mood: sad

1st August 2008

xjaniex11:35pm: real as i am
Her wings lay broken
Matted with dry blood.
Her body lays abused
Sinking into wet mud.

An ocean of crimson
Flowing from her wrist.
Suicide has taken her
The story reads like this.

Fourteen and so lonely
She walked the streets.
No home to call her own
Darkness she did meet.

Laid beneath the pages
Her diary burns in the fire.
Erasing all her memories
Her one and only desire.

No one will ever know
The truth behind it all.
For they will never know
Her every single down fall.

For this angel lays dead
With tears down her face.
A lost child lost in plight
Such a beautiful disgrace.
Current Mood: blah

30th July 2008

vampyre_girl135:54pm: hi  i'm new. umm i don't know if i'm emo, but i cry alot and other stuff, ask if you would like to know, but umm ya, thats me.  *sigh*

16th August 2007

x_hotcurry_x8:43pm: Hey thur~
Hey everyone, I just joined this bootiful community. ^_^

I'm 19 and I guess you can say I'm pretty flippin' emo. I hope to meet some cool people and have yerselves an emo night.
Current Mood: Don't ask.

31st July 2007

starsandscars87:47pm: hello.
i'm shani.
i'm new to the community.
the looks of it were pretty rad, and so, here i am.
i'm not having a breakdown right now, but its bound to happen, so beware.
and farewell [for now.]


shani \ [sensation.]
mellistl4:10pm: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mods: if this is not allowed, feel free to remove this post.

25th June 2007

under_the_stone4:00am: I will never understand...

Why do people who we luv so much always NEED to break our hearts? Why do we always need to break the hearts of people who love us?..
Current Mood: listless

14th January 2007

mickey_emo4:35pm: hello. i just joined, so u should talk to me. im fucking bored anyways
Current Mood: calm

8th January 2007

orangeflav3:22pm: Be alone
How many of you out there just want an ivory tower? Somewhere where you can be left alone, away from people, society, everyone?
Current Mood: sad

16th November 2006

janeairx4:55pm: Hello.I live emo.I've joined this nice commuunity.
here are some picz.Hope you'll enjoy

13th October 2006

dragon24249:11pm: Hi
Hello I'm a new member. I'm Rm and I am @ Gard. City. That's it.
Current Mood: okay

18th September 2006

slntdesperation9:50am: <

15th September 2006

slntdesperation9:05pm: Battle Scars
Image hosting by Photobucket

13th September 2006

slntdesperation11:15pm: Are you Rad?
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26th December 2005


Join unsent___ to share and read unsent letters.

6th November 2005

myventilation11:51am: I'm new I guess. I have a couple LJ's and this one I use when I'm depressed. If you read mine you'll see that my most recent fear is that I have contracted some kind of STD. It makes me want to kill my self, and if what I'm thinking is true, then I really will.
Sorry for sucking at life in general...

24th October 2005

tom_wright10:26am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

20th October 2005

emosadkid9:09pm: im back stupid
I'm back, you stupid people, Sydney is back because none of you guys are emo at all because youre all too cool for it, so i want you to cut yourselfs.

Sydney S Clybourne
Current Mood: sad

17th October 2005

lemon_jelly_6:20pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

17th June 2005

tragicendings211:20pm: join.
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